Compression Wear & Shaming: short post to dispel doubts.

Hey guys!

Mike from Orwee is here to disprove one common opinion about compression wear.

Our team often sees comments that it is embarrassing to wear orthopedic underwear for men and this feminizes their personality (wow). But is it really so?
Well, first of all, let's remember that many people HAVE TO use compression underwear for their health safety.

A few examples:

  • Doctors who perform long surgeries put on golfs from varicose veins;
  • Hairdressers are also forced to work standing up. Compression underwear helps them not to hurt their legs working all day;
  • Not only standing work harms the body. Accountants and office workers who sit all day also face circulatory problems in the pelvic area. Compression underwear helps reduce damage from sedentary work;
  •  Many athletes wear men's leggings to accelerate the recovery period for their muscles;
  • Also compression underwear is used in the treatment and recovery period after surgeries or injuries.

The main principle of compression clothing is squeezing the superficial and deep veins, narrowing of blood vessels and accelerating blood flow, as a result. At the same time, more oxygen and nutrients enter the muscles, carbon dioxide and decay products are removed. 

Finally, your concern for your health and appearance does not at all determine your sexual orientation. A man should make efforts to be neat and fit and there is nothing shameful in this.

Best regards and good shopping with Orwee!