Compression Linen Invention History

The very first use of the compression method can be considered the imposition of tight bandages in ancient Egypt. Soldiers and slaves tied the legs with leather or cloth to relieve fatigue and swelling. Also they were used on long hikes to increase endurance.

The idea of creating compression underwear came after the creation of an elastic bandage with polyurethane fibers, which soon began to be used in a variety of areas, and not just for tightening wounds. Very soon, compression (squeezing) with bandages became a separate type of treatment. Later, by the twentieth century, the first products with a compression effect were created. One of the main advantages of this underwear was that it exerts pressure all the time and does not require the bandage to be pulled all the time.

Nowadays, compression garments are used in the treatment and recovery period after surgery, during pregnancy and in sports.

It is also believed that compression garments are used to reduce body fat. This happens in the following way: clothing constricts the blood vessels, and they bring more oxygen and blood into the muscle. Fats and toxins are removed then.

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